The Sedona Method: Power of Love Retreat by Hale Dwoskin


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The Sedona Method: Power of Love Retreat by Hale Dwoskin Download Now

Live in Sedona or via Internet Streaming Love is the most powerful force in the universe. It is also your basic nature. On this retreat, in addition to supporting you the way all retreats do in having, being, and doing whatever is your heart’s deepest desire, we will be exploring the incredible transformative power of love.

As we explore love together, we will watch as it dissolves all that holds us back and nurtures all that is good, right, and joyous within us.
Plus, we will have lots of fun in the process.
You will leave this retreat basking in and as the love that you are. This love will shine brighter and brighter until there is nothing but love in all its glory within, around, and through you.
So, if you are ready to breakthrough on every level to a totally new way of being, join us on this September Retreat.

Benefits for attending either live or via our live web video presentation:

Learn the latest breakthroughs to the releasing process
Work directly with me on your deepest issues
Uncover and live your innate happiness and inner light
Benefit from the unique energetic dynamic that is created by a group of like-minded people releasing together
Come away from the retreat permanently transformed, enlivened and empowered
Get instant access to the video recordings of the retreat and have them permanently added to your video library for unlimited review and deepening over time
Benefits of Attending Live:
Be at the center of a group focused on freedom from all over the world
Experience the powerful energy that is generated in person and in Sedona
Meet people who could become lifelong friends
Work in person with me
Benefit from the questions asked from the home viewers
Plus, all the other benefits that come from attending a retreat live
Benefits of Attending from Home:
Save the cost of travel, room, and board
Participate in the retreat from the privacy of your own home or office
Get the same access to the latest Sedona Training Associates has to offer
Submit your questions and have me answer some of them while the retreat is in session


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