The Ultimate Note and Research Organization System



The Ultimate Note & Research Organization System — Udemy — Last updated 9/2014 — Free download


Completely transform the way you work, study and process information. Tap into the massive potential of these 3 tools.

What you’ll learn

  • Help you become super organized and never lose another file, report or piece of research again
  • Save hours of time and increase your productivity simply by never having to look for anything again
  • Tap into the creative side of your brain even if you think you don’t have one
  • Change the way students gather information and study
  • Completely makeover the way professionals access, use and process information in the workflow
  • General computing knowledge
  • Ability to organize notes and computer folders
  • Your own creativity!


Are you ready to re-engineer the way you work, research or study? Join us on this course for surprising tools, hacks and techniques that will empower you from inside out to make these normally boring and mundane, yet necessary tasks more interesting and engaging.

It is what I consider to be the best-kept secret of our time – it is the key that unlocks you and transforms even the most uninspired and disorganized students into star students. It changes the way professionals organize and approach their workflow. My own clients have thought I have a photographic memory when all I use is a simple presentation slide.

And this all comes from a software program you have probably been using for years and not even realized its untapped potential. It can completely change the way you work, live and play.

Who this course is for:

  • Students or parents of students K-12 who want to improve their organization skills and study habits
  • Professionals who deal with large amounts of information and want to centralize it all in a meaningful and creative way
  • Professionals and entrepreneurs who are looking for creative ways to master their crafts and get their ideas across
  • College and university students who are looking for new ways to stay organized and approach their studies in a creative ways
  • Any students looking for study hacks and techniques


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