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The Ultimate Remote Team Training Program ($3,800 Value) is a 6-module, step-by-step program.

Module 1: Considering Hiring
Instant Interviews (Module 2)
Module 3: The Three Main Roles in Sales Hiring

Module 4: How to Manage Your Time and Your Team

Module 5: The Easiest Way to Train Your Team
Module 6: Uncovering the Mysteries of Pricing and Financing
BONUS 1: Our In-House Proven Checklists, Scripts, Templates, and Contracts ($1,999 Value)
BONUS 2: No-Pain Prospecting ($999 Value)
BONUS 3: Four (4) weeks of private calls with Tom and Nick (worth $799)
Every unfinished, disliked, pushed-off, and too-busy-for-work task can be easily outsourced.
1 M O D U L E
Are You Considering Hiring?
When Benjamin Franklin stated, “Failing to plan is preparing to fail,” he pretty much nailed it. Fortunately, you won’t have to devise your own strategy… Use ours instead!
We lead you through what to outsource first, how to plan your job, where to advertise your job, and how to select suitable applicants and maintain open communication with them in this first module, Planning To Hire.
You’ll also receive our precise Job Planning Template, Sample Job Postings, and Interview Questions so you can get started right away.
2 M O D U L E
Interviews on the Spot
Once you’ve published a job posting, you’ll start receiving applications in your inbox. So, how do you go about finding a wonderful team member that can help you establish a thriving business while also allowing you to live the life of your dreams? Interviews!
In module 2, Instant Interviews, we show you how to conduct an effective interview in order to identify the appropriate individual quickly. You’ll even get a tape of one of our successful hire interviews.
We’ve also included our Interview Checklist so you can keep on track when interviewing potential candidates.
all members of the team
3 M O D U L E
The Three Main Roles in Sales Hiring Sales is the first thing almost everyone wants to outsource. We can’t say we blame you!
When it comes to outsourcing your agency’s sales operation, however, there are a few major dangers to avoid. That’s why, in module 3, Hiring For Sales — The 3 Main Jobs, you’ll discover the three important roles you’ll need to develop a lucrative sales force, as well as where to find great candidates and how much to pay them. (Hint: you shouldn’t hire a rockstar commission-only salesperson as your first hire!)
You’ll get our cheat sheets for finding sales reps and recruiting tools, as well as our Sales Rep Interview Script and the entire Appointment Scheduler Handbook.
4 M O D U L E
How to Stay in Charge of Your Time and Your Team
I know it’s a cliche, but it’s mainly true, at least in the business world: Time is Money!
To develop a successful lifestyle business, you’ll need to be able to manage your own time as well as coach and hold your team accountable for how they use their time.
In lesson 4, How to Keep Control of Your Time and Your Team, you’ll learn about our ridiculously simple time management system and how to put it into practice. For your team and client projects, you’ll learn how to set expectations and keep track of time. Our Hourly Rate Calculator and Project Time Tracking Sheet are also included.
5 M O D U L E
The Easy Way to Train Your Team
If you don’t have a clear framework in place, training can be the most difficult element of the hiring process. If you recruit people without training, you may expect your new team members to manage your firm anyway they see fit.
So, how do you rapidly and efficiently teach your employees so that they can get to work making you money? Module 5, Training Your Team the Easy Way, will teach you how to do just that.
Nick not only walks you through the precise approach we use to train our staff, but he also explains how to scale your business by regularly growing your workforce over time.
6 M O D U L E
Pricing and Financing: A Guide to Clearing Up the Myths
One thing becomes more crucial than ever as you add team members to help run your agency: your numbers!
Although profitability is a straightforward calculation, you must have a firm grasp of your pricing, sales figures, and financial and accounting matters.
In the last session, Demystifying Pricing & Financing, you’ll learn how to start by pricing your services for maximum profit, tracking and pushing sales, and getting and keeping your finances and accounting in order.
We’ve also included our DFY Service Agreement, Pricing Formula, and Guidelines for Raising Your Rates.
Private Interviews With Two Of Our Best Hires Are Included!
Listen in as we interview two ladies that we ultimately hired… and who are still with us today!
In fact, these are two of our most successful recruits in the company’s history. Listen here to see how we found and vetted these superstars during their interviews.
Our Checklists, Scripts, Templates, and Contracts Have Been Proven In-House
Get all of the assets we had developed professionally for our personal usage. Rather than wasting thousands of dollars or months of your own time developing and refining your own checklists, scripts, and procedures… Use ours instead!
From task planning templates and sample job listings to our project time tracking sheet and hourly rate calculator, you’ll find it everything here. Below is a list of everything that is included:
Template for Job Planning
Job Posting Examples
Questions to Ask in an Interview
Case Study of an Interview
Checklist for Interviews
Recruiting Sales Representatives
Tools for Recruiting
Script for a Sales Rep Interview
Handbook for Appointment Schedulers
A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is a legal agreement that prohibits
Agreement on Intellectual Property
Nick’s Search Engine Optimization Checklist
Handbook for Contractors
Templates for Follow-Up Emails
Calculator for Hourly Rates
Time Tracking Sheet for the Project
Nick’s Price Calculation Formula
Steps to Increasing Your Rates
DFY Service Contract
Prospecting Spreadsheet
Intake Form for Prospecting
Collection of Prospecting Letters
Scripts for Incoming Calls
Postcard with Reputation Power
$1,999.00 in value
Prospecting with Ease (Includes Lead-Finding Software!)
You’ve put together your sales team, which includes an administrative assistant, an appointment setter, and a salesperson. So, how are you going to generate those leads?
That’s exactly what this Bonus Module, Prospecting Without Pain, will teach you.
Tom takes you through every stage of the process, from developing your marketing message to getting it in front of the right people, as well as how to handle incoming calls, pre-qualify leads, and build up a follow-up strategy.
Our Prospecting Tracking Sheet, Prospecting Intake Form, Prospecting Letters Collection, Incoming Call Scripts, and Reputation Power Postcard are all included in this package… It’s all yours to utilize right away!
$999.00 in value

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