Unlocking Transcendence by Jeffrey Allen

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Unlocking Transcendence by Jeffrey Allen — Mindvalley — Free download


A 60 Day Coaching Program by Master Healer Jeffrey Allen to Unlock Your Spiritual Edge so You Live an Abundant Life Full Of Synchronicities, Ease And Purpose

What You’ll Learn

  1. Discover Your True Self

    Uncover the depths of what your soul desires and the spirit-being you truly are so you can create lasting transformations in your life.

  2. Harness Your Raw Power

    Once you’re aware of your energy body, you’ll be able to tap into it and shift circumstances in your favor.

  3. Develop Enhanced Intuition

    Discard uncertainty and anxiety by leaning into a deep sense of knowing. This confidence in your own source implies that you make your own rules, live by your own rules and are not influenced by the rules, judgements and opinions of others. You live your own life based on your rules. And with a deep knowing that you’re living true to yourself and your soul.

  4. Control Your Emotional State

    Reclaim control of the one variable that people struggle to manage — emotions — so you can experience calm & bliss everyday. Emotions are powerful tools that can either amplify your light or the darkness. Learning how to manage these tools for your balance and benefit is key to harmony.

  5. Embody Unshakeability

    Exercise your power to bounce back from challenges as you learn to ground yourself, no matter what life throws at you.

  6. Move into a State of Flow

    Flow means you’re living every day with beautiful visions of what you want to create, yet a beautiful joy envelops you every single day. When you’re in the flow state you open yourself up to synchronicities, coincidences, and it almost feels like the universe has your back.

  7. Be A Leader in Your Circles

    You’ll learn how to create a bigger impact in everything you do, so you can show up and operate in your zone of genius.

  8. Develop a Strong Oneness

    This deep connection and nuanced spiritual power will open the Universe’s abundance for you. You’ll feel at peace not just with your own thoughts but with the world. This means that you’ll no longer feel judged, put down or affected by other people’s negativity or negativity happening in the world. You’ll be filled with an overwhelming sense of peace knowing that you are okay, and that your spirit is watching out for you.


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