Unsupervised Deep Learning In Python


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Unsupervised Deep Learning In Python – Free Download


You will get free and download this course Unsupervised Deep Learning In Python from Udemy!!

This course will give you chance to learn about Theano / Tensorflow: Autoencoders, Restricted Boltzmann Machines, Deep Neural Networks, t-SNE and PCA

What this course brings you?

  • This course will teach you knowledge to help you understand the theory behind principal components analysis (PCA).
  • If before you do not know about the use of PCA for dimensionality reduction, visualization, de-correlation, and denoising, this course will help you deal with this.
  • After this course, it will be possible for you to derive the PCA algorithm by hand.
  • There will be lessons aim to teach you about how to write code for PCA, and more …


  • You need to have some knowledge about calculus as well as linear algebra.
  • It will also necessary for you to own skills of Python coding.
  • You also need some previous experience relating to Numpy, Theano, also Tensorflow.
  • You need to get some basic knowledge about the way how gradient descent is utilized to train machine learning models.
  • It is necessary fo you to install Python, Numpy, and Theano.
  • To attend this course, you need some knowledge of probability and statistics.
  • You also need to know how to code a feedforward neural network in Theano / Tensorflow to complete this course.


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