Videoscribe Animation The Most Complete And Advanced Course


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Videoscribe Animation The Most Complete And Advanced Course — Udemy — Published 12/2020 — Free download


You can create exceptional videos. You will learn tecniques on videoscribe that others courses don’t teach.

What you’ll learn

  • You will learn to create fantastic videos on videoscribe, from having your script until you save your video on your computer. You will know how to make and add your gifs, use colorful backgrounds, also will find free copyright images, also will teach my techniques to sync audio and video, and many other things.


  • Have a paid version of videoscribe


The most creativecomplete, and advanced course on udemy.  You will learn the whole process so you find it easy to make your videos. I will show you all my expert tips and tricks so you make powerful animations.

We’ll work on several exercises so you gain more confidence using whiteboard animations, You can also suggest practical exercises so I make a specific video to solve your questions.

I will show you where to find powerful images and gifs for free, I will teach you how to sync your audio and video properly.

First I will show all tools on videoscribe, then you will learn how to add tricks to videoscribe, also I will teach the whole process to create your videos, and finally, You will suggest exercises so make the videos for you, this means that I will keep updating this course.

Who this course is for:

  • begginers on creating whiteboard animations


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