Web Scrapping and Data Visualisation with Python



Web Scrapping and Data Visualisation with Python — Udemy — Last updated 1/2021 — Free download


Build a project to scrape real-time stock market information and visualise them using Beautiful Soup, Pandas and Plotly

What you’ll learn

  • Creating a automatic web scraper to extract financial data using Beautiful Soup
  • Creating interactive graphs and other visualizations using Pandas, Matplotlib and Plotly
  • Use your Python and HTML knowledge to build a practical project about Finance
  • Learn how to use Chrome Inspector to inspect the HTML elements of a website
  • Google Colab Notebooks for all Tutorials and Exercises can be accessed
  • Q&A board to ask your questions and get your answers


  • Prior experience with basic HTML tags will help. This course includes an optional tutorial to review the knowledge of the HTML tags used in the project.
  • Beginner programming experience in Python (e.g. List, Dictionaries, For loops, Functions)
  • Google Chrome Browser for running Chrome Inspector and Google Colaboratory (You will also need a Google Account to use it)
  • Positiveness and willingness to learn new things and to ask questions (if any) at the Q&A board of the course.


Welcome to Web Scraping and Data Visualization with Python!

Are you looking for creating practical applications with your Python and HTML skills? Do you want to stay up to trend of what’s latest about data science and analytics?

Many industries are harnessing the beauty of web scraping and data visualization in manifold ways. Examples are e-commerce companies, financial institutions, hiring and even the government who make use of these data-driven approaches and help them make better decision.

You can also be like them through learning the essential concepts by completing two projects at this course.

In the course, you will understand a variety of important concepts regarding web scraping and data visualization. Here are the course highlights:

  • Essentials of web scraping, including basic knowledge of HTML and web components, Beautiful Soup APIs, different web scraping techniques, and writing a modular web scraper
  • Know how to process and manipulate data extracted by web scraping through learning how to create, filter and sort data frames with Pandas (Python module)
  • Know how to use matplotlib and Plotly (Python modules) to create stunning looking and interactive charts (e.g. bar/pie/line/area/bubble/candlestick/heatmap)

You will be given access to all the materials used in this course, including the lesson notes, quizzes, and the google collaborators Python notebooks.

Access the student forum to interact with me and other fellow students. You are also welcome to ask any questions regarding the course, and discuss with each other.

Join me now and wish you have a happy learning journey!

Who this course is for:

  • Perfect if you have just learnt Python and looking for building some practical tool about Finance using Python
  • Anyone who is interested in data science and data analytics
  • Anyone who is interested in automatically copying information from websites with web scraping technique
  • Anyone who is interested in data wrangling and manipulation in Python
  • Anyone who is interested in making interactive dashboard and graphs in Python
  • Anyone who is interested in making a personal project about Finance and Computer Science


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