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Jordan Platten Course Bundle

“Jordan is an English entrepreneur, author, speaker & Internet personality. After being kicked out of university at 23 he scaled a Digital marketing agency to 6 figure profits in less than 6 months. He has since generated millions in new revenue for Businesses all over the globe. Jordan made it his ongoing mission to help others on the pursuit for a better life and now mentors thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs through his various media channels and online education business.”

Jordan platten - Social Media Marketing School | 2.68 GB​

In this course, He teach you everything you need to know in order to start your own 6 figure agency.

Following these exact processes I….
Quit my 9-5 within two weeks and made 6 figure profits within 3 months…
I had enough, I needed to take action.. now it’s your turn.

Do you wish you could live a life of financial freedom? To work for yourself. Be able to spend what you want & not even consider the figure. To give your family the world. To travel 5* wherever you want, whenever you want to? You can.
I wasted countless hours of my life banging my head against the wall, falling into the deceit of others.. buying into mis-sold dreams, into pyramid scheme businesses, into wasted investments.. until I found something that finally clicked. Since that day, I have been whole-heartedly committed to help those who are in the same position I was.

Class Curriculum

Module 1 – Introduction To Social Media Marketing

Module 2 – How To Build A Sales Database

Module 3 – How To Secure Meetings.

Module 4 – How To Dominate In Meetings

Module 5 – How To Get Kick-Ass Results For Clients

Module 6 – Advanced Facebook Marketing

Module 7 – Comprehensive Marketing Strategies

Module 8 – Scale Your Business To 6 Figures Within 3 Months

Module 9 – Bonus Lessons & Resources

Module 10 – Get Involved

Jordan Platten - Affluent Academy (Course Video) | 7.68 GB

Hands-on, Step-by-step Mentorship Program To Learn Everything You Need To Launch And Scale A Wildly Profitable Agency Today

Success Within 30 Days; Guaranteed

The Worlds First Programme To Guarantee Your First Or Next Client Within 30 Days.

What You Get:

11 Modules with 100+ Lessons

Module 1 – Laying The Foundations

Module 2 – The Launch Sequence

Module 3 – Sales Prospecting

Module 4 – How To Secure Meetings

Module 5 – How To Close Clients

Module 6 – The Science Of Getting Results

Module 7 – Comprehensive Ad Creation

Module 8 – Skyrocketing Return On Investment

Module 9 – Mastered Strategies For 2020

Module 10 – 7 Figure Agency Scaling & Automation System

Module 11 – Bonus Lessons


Jordan Platten - Affluent Academy

Jordan Platten - Affluent Academy | 7.68 GB

PRICE - $557

Jordan Platten - Social Media Marketing School​

Jordan Platten - Social Media Marketing School

PRICE - $957


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