Advanced Swift


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Advanced Swift

Advanced Swift
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Functional programming, lazy variables, pattern matching, and protocol-oriented programming – these are just some of the things that make up the toolkit of expert Swift developers and help deliver great code faster. This course will cover all of those and much more, helping you take your existing Swift skills further.

Take your Swift skills to the next level. You’ve already mastered the basics of Swift, but now it’s time to go further with features like functional programming, lazy variables, pattern matching, and protocol-oriented programming. This course will cover all of those and more, so you can be fully prepared for your next project in no time.

This course is designed to teach you the strategies, techniques, and thinking patterns that lie at the heart of expert Swift developers. You’ll learn Swift syntax, idioms, and concepts; along with common tools like functional programming, lazy variables and protocol-oriented programming. The result will be a deeper understanding of how to write better Swift code – quickly.

Advanced Swift is the first course aimed at intermediate Swift developers, with a focus on the advanced concepts covered in previous courses and more. With this course you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and skills to take your existing Swift skills even further.

Swift is a fantastic new language that is going to turn the world on its head, but it’s not easy to get started with. This course will help you take your existing skills further, covering everything from functional programming and general best practices to data structures and protocols.


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