Artistic Augmented Reality Filter Creation by Solimán López

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Artistic Augmented Reality Filter Creation by Solimán López — Domestika — Free download


Develop and publish filters for social media and open the door to a new reality

Augmented reality—commonly known as AR—more than simply generating curiosity, has become the new means of artistic expression that has given light to a new generation of artists using it as their canvas. Artist Solimán López has incorporated Instagram filters to his spectrum of mediums to express his art, impacting his followers, while increasing engagement within his online community.

With this course, you’ll discover creative strategies to adapt your ideas to augmented reality. Create 3D resources, from images to animations, as well as audio, which you will bring together on Spark AR and post on your chosen social media platform.

Start the course by getting to know Solimán and the history of the technology you’ll use throughout the course. Discover Solimán’s work, how he transmits his own artistic view through AR, and how you can communicate your own.

Carry out all the necessary tasks to organize the tools you need, the content, ideas, and resources to successfully undertake the creation phase.

Create your own artistic approach and concept of your filter. Visualize it in Blender and introduce an interaction on Spark AR.

Next, make a start on constructing your concept, which is perhaps the most enjoyable part of your project. Create the assets and resources, give it sound, and begin to interact with your filter.

Now that it’s ready to launch, all you need is the approval process of your creation. Filters are digital content that carry other elements within them, that also need to be rendered to a screen, which means they must be verified by the Facebook or Instagram team.

Lastly, you’ll create an engagement strategy and become the first user of your filter, sharing it with your social media audience.

What is this course’s project?

Develop your own AR filter, learning the entire production process, from the conceptualization to the approval process from the social media platform of your choice.

Who is it for?

For those interested in digital creativity, artists, creatives, designers, and innovators in general, as well as marketing directors, advertisers, and creative directors.

What you need

This course does not require previous knowledge, but it is recommended to have some understanding of how 3D works, of the Adobe suite, and of Blender. However, if you don’t have any knowledge of these, Solimán provides you with content that you can work on to customize and get familiar with how it works.

As for materials, you will need a computer with a webcam and Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, and Illustrator, as well as Blender and Spark AR.