Joshua Lee Henry – World of Financial Copywriting Training


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Joshua Lee Henry – World of Financial Copywriting Training

Welcome to the Joshua Lee Henry – World of Financial Copywriting Training Program! This comprehensive course is your gateway to the exciting and lucrative world of financial copywriting. Whether you’re a seasoned writer looking to specialize or a newcomer eager to explore new career opportunities, this program has something valuable for everyone.

Category: Financial Copywriting Training

Duration: 10GB


Lesson #1: The “Secret Side Door” to Financial Copywriting

Unlock the hidden potential of the financial industry in Lesson #1. Discover why you don’t need to be a financial expert to excel in financial copywriting. Explore the Agora Hierarchy, understand the publishing funnel, and learn the top three strategies that beginners should embrace to master financial copywriting. Witness the transformation of the financial industry’s avatar and why “Grandpa Kurt” is becoming a thing of the past. Plus, gain exclusive insights in a BONUS Q&A session with Aaron DeHoog, Executive Publisher at Banyan Hill.

Lesson #2: How to Write A Million-Dollar Promo

In Lesson #2, dive deep into the art of crafting million-dollar financial promos. Learn from the best, including a behind-the-scenes look at Banyan Hill’s Next Gen Coin promo, Joshua Lee Henry’s latest promos, and the secrets behind generating big ideas. Master the step-by-step system for creating a successful financial promotion and gain inspiration from current, high-converting sales pages and VSLs. Explore further in a bonus Q&A with writers and publishers from Banyan Hill and Money Map Press.

Lesson #3: How The Pros Turn Research Into Riches

Lesson #3 is all about understanding your audience and conducting effective research. Discover how 7-figure copywriters conduct research, find golden nuggets of information, and turn boring facts into compelling benefits. Learn the art of storytelling through research and get a fail-proof guide for organizing your ideas. Dive deeper with a bonus Q&A featuring Carolynn Ananian, Copywriter at Stansberry Research.

Lesson #4: Creating Great Leads and Hooks for Financial Copy

Lesson #4 is a masterclass in creating compelling leads for financial copy. Learn the Carrot Top Copywriting Secret, understand the art of writing visual copy, and uncover the power of callbacks and memetic devices. Avoid common mistakes and explore the visual elements that can make or break your message. Gain additional insights in a bonus Q&A session with Kevin Rogers.

Lesson #5: Compliance and the FTC

In Lesson #5, navigate the complex world of compliance in financial copywriting. Receive simple guidelines for writing compliant copy, and understand why compliance is crucial for ethical and successful copywriting. Learn to leverage compliance restrictions to your advantage and make working with legal a breeze. Shift your mindset and see the freedom that regulation can provide in a bonus Q&A with Tim Diering from Banyan Hill and Dave Maswary of Next Phase Media.

Lesson #6: Pro Tips for Breaking Into the Industry

Lesson #6 is your roadmap to breaking into the financial copywriting industry. Discover the secrets to getting hired quickly and learn which companies to research and approach. Find out how to get in front of your dream clients and master the art of interviewing for success. Get tips on following up with potential clients and stand out in this competitive field. Plus, enjoy a bonus Q&A with Joshua Lee Henry and an all-star WOFC panel.

Lesson #7: Advanced Financial Copywriting Training

In Lesson #7, take your financial copywriting skills to the next level and recession-proof your career. Gain insights from an executive financial publisher on landing gigs during market downturns and leverage your Copy Chief membership for career growth. Discover why the financial industry always offers opportunities for dedicated writers, even in challenging times. Prepare for the future and hear how financial publishers plan to succeed in case of a recession. Plus, delve deeper into advanced strategies with a bonus Q&A featuring Aaron DeHoog, Kevin Rogers, and Joshua Lee Henry.

BONUS Lesson #8: Financial Copywriting Experts Panel

Join our Financial Copywriting Experts Panel in this special bonus lesson. Six female financial copywriting pros share their experiences and insights into the competitive world of financial publishing. Learn career success strategies, get answers to “taboo” questions, and discover how to thrive in this field, regardless of your background. Hear from industry leaders, including Carolynn Ananian, Renee LeMire, Angela Jirau, Sarah Glassman, Jennifer Somerville, and Lindsey Sprute.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the fundamentals of financial copywriting
  • Develop advanced copywriting skills for the financial industry
  • Master research techniques for effective copy
  • Comply with industry regulations and ethics
  • Learn strategies for breaking into the industry

Whom this Course is for:

  • Aspiring copywriters
  • Experienced writers looking to specialize in financial copywriting
  • Marketing professionals seeking to enhance their copywriting skills
  • Anyone interested in a career in the financial industry

Course Features: Financial Copywriting

Course Price: Original price $497, our exclusive offer at only $25!

Embark on this journey into the world of financial copywriting with Joshua Lee Henry and unlock the potential for a lucrative and fulfilling career. Enroll now to secure your place in this exceptional training program!


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