Lisa Song Sutton – Mailbox Money Machine


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Lisa Song Sutton – Mailbox Money Machine

Are you ready to unlock the path to financial freedom? Lisa Song Sutton “Mailbox Money Machine” course is your ticket to becoming a small business owner in a stable and lucrative local industry. Say goodbye to the obstacles holding you back and step into a world of entrepreneurship that’s here to stay.

Category: Small Business Entrepreneurship

Duration: 10GB


With a shift in mindset, hard work, and savvy financial practices, you can realize your dream of owning a small business and enjoying the life you desire. Please note that individual results may vary based on factors such as location, effort invested, preparedness, and execution capabilities. We do not offer refunds or guarantees.

Inside, you’ll discover 23 modules featuring easily digestible video lessons and a comprehensive 35-page Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that includes:

  • Template mailbox rental agreements
  • Resources on becoming an authorized shipper and access point for various carriers
  • Customer service SOPs and scripts
  • Start-up equipment lists and store set-up specifications
  • Operator hire job offer templates
  • Guidance on setting up your point of sale (POS) system and technology stack
  • Store opening and closing procedures, and much more!

Course Highlights:

  1. Introduction to the Business Model: Gain a deep understanding of the mailbox rental and pack & ship industry, its services, target market, industry trends, and market size.
  2. Setting up Your Business Structure: Learn how to establish your business, choose the right structure (sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, or corporation), select locations, and acquire necessary licenses and permits. Get an overview of legal and insurance requirements.
  3. Choosing the Right Equipment: Discover the essential equipment and supplies required to run your store efficiently, including shipping scales, packaging materials, and tracking systems. Understand the cost and budgeting for equipment and necessary software.
  4. Store Operations & Procedures: Access Lisa’s operational SOPs, covering everything from becoming an access point for carriers to daily store procedures and safety guidelines.
  5. Customer Service Guidelines & Scripts: Ensure exceptional customer service with provided guidelines and scripts for your staff, designed for maximum client retention.
  6. Marketing for Maximum Visibility: Unlock marketing insights for offline and online visibility, and gain insider tips to attract more customers to your store.

Learning Objectives:

This course aims to equip aspiring entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills needed to successfully establish and operate a Mailbox Rental and Pack & Ship Store.

Whom this Course is for:

  • Aspiring small business owners seeking a stable and expandable venture
  • Individuals interested in the mailbox rental and pack & ship industry
  • Entrepreneurs looking to diversify their service offerings

Course Features: Small Business, Entrepreneurship, Mailbox Rental, Pack & Ship

Course Price:

Original Price $497                                                                                                                                               Our Price $25


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