Masculine Touch Blueprint by Liam Mcrae

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You’re always going to end up in the friend zone and miss out on true intimacy with women unless you discover this one simple thing…

Have you ever had trouble getting physical with women?
Let’s say you’re chatting to a girl at the bar, or you’re on a date, and you KNOW you should be touching her, but it seems like there is this invisible barrier between the two of you that is impossible to penetrate.
Yet for a small select group of men, physical touch comes easily.

The Masculine Touch Blueprint is a five-week course designed to teach you how to never end up in the friend zone ever again.
How to experience true connection and intimacy with women.
We’ll start by identifying and reframing your own issues around sexuality.
Do you feel ashamed for being sexually attracted to women?

Do you find it unnatural to express this attraction verbally or physically?
Do you feel like you need to exchange a monogamous relationship for sex?
You’ll find that a lot of these issues are relics from the past, and by the time I’m finished with you they’ll be replaced with a more realistic and beneficial approach to touch and intimacy.
Next I’ll be teaching you about your bad mindsets around women and female sexuality. It might seem easier to quickly learn the exact moves you need to be making, but if you’re still walking around judging women for liking sex, they’re never going to open up to you sexually.
From there we’ll cover the skills I’m sure you’re dying to master; how to touch a woman properly. To make sure you’re doing it right I’ll be teaching you the ‘empathy / boldness axis’, a system I’ve been refining and mastering for nearly a decade that ensures women are aroused by your touch, but still feel like you’re respecting them and tuned in to their boundaries.
This isn’t just a bunch of random information I’ve pulled together, but a proven system that I’ve taught to thousands of men over nearly 10 years of being a professional dating coach. These are men who came to me terrified of touching women out of fear they’d be creeping them out, and walked away confident to not only get physical, but starting to truly experience the intimacy and connection with women they’ve always craved.

Each week, you’ll receive a new module to watch via a private membership site.
In the module, you’ll have a theory section explaining core mindsets, then action steps and daily missions to do.
You’ll also join a private Facebook group where you’ll have a community of like-minded guys to mastermind with and brainstorm any questions you have related to the course.

So what’s in store for the course? How about I break it down for you week by week.
Week 1:
Before we begin the process of improving your ability to intimately touch women we’re going to have to explore your sexual mindsets. Without going through this important stage you’re going to be carrying around a lot of old beliefs, mindsets and bad habits which will eventually rise to the surface.

Week 2:
Once we’ve laid a new foundation of positive beliefs about yourself, we’re going to focus on your beliefs about women and their sexuality. Whether you like it or not, society has influenced the way you view women, and if you’ve gone through life being dumped into the friend zone you’re likely going to be even more jaded and confused about how women really feel about sex.

Week 3:
Packed full of content I’m sure you’re dying to dive into, Week 3 will focus on the basics of understanding touch. Now that we’ve cleaned out the attic and thrown out your old beliefs about yourself, women and sex, we’re going to cover the basic essentials of intimate touch.

Week 4:
Now that you’ve developed a basic understanding of touch, it’s time to take it to the level of mastery. Obviously it’s going to take time for this to become second nature, but the focus of this week is implementing what you’ve learned so far into your interactions and dates with women.

Week 5:
The final week is about putting all of the pieces together, and incorporating touch into the grander scheme of seduction. I’ll be taking you through a full suite of different touches you can experiment with, as well as strategies for dealing with rejections. This is a chance to really zoom out to the big picture of seduction and your launching point to making intimate touch a normal part of everyday life.


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