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These CDs are from a 3.5 hour talk Matt gave several years ago on his method of email copywriting. He outlines 11 Keys to Writing Fureyesque Emails. According to Matt: “I’m truly astounded that I covered a TON of material in the first 20 minutes that I never said before that day – and haven’t since then.” Also included is a copy of his Email Copywriting Seminar manual.
This product was released for a few days and is going off the market, according to Matt. Bonus CDs include “The 8 best, most powerful, most effective, and dare I say easiest ways to write and email that promotes your business, product, service – or anything else, that you can imagine.”
What You’ll Learn In The Tao of Writing Email Copy that Sells?

Tao of Writing Email Copy that Sells (3 CDs)
The 8 Best Email Strategies Ever (2 CDs)
Tao of Email Copywriting manual (1 PDF)
Theatre of The Mind (1 DVD)

Matt Furey is one of the most asked about copywriting experts in the world. In this 3.5 hour seminar, he gives you the best techniques for writing highly effective emails that promote your business, product and/or service. Sixteen CDs have been recorded at multiple seminars over several years. You’ll learn how to write fast, market your business effectively using social media and stay focused on what really matters: making money while helping others improve their lives. By using these methods you’ll be able to sell more products or services with fewer resources; get more results from each dollar spent; create greater awareness around your brand so people actually know who it is before they ask “who are you?” – all of which builds trust and credibility along with a great reputation as an expert in your field



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