Stu McLaren – The Tribe Course 2016 Full Course (Update 1,2,3)


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Stu McLaren – The Tribe Course 2016 Full Course (Update 1,2,3) Download Now

If you’d like to create a steady stream of recurring revenue, based around what you already know, then reading this letter will become one of the best investments you can make in your business.

What is in the TRIBE course?
Module #1 – Your Foundation Strategy
Tribe’s first module will help you discover who you are going to serve, how to serve them and how to determine exactly what type of membership site to create to meet their needs.
You’ll also learn:
The four reasons someone joins any membership site
The two must have pieces of research you need to know about your market
The six membership models and how to pick the one that’s right for you
The “less stress” membership philosophy
As the name implies, this module helps you lay the foundation for a successful membership site!

Module #2 – Your Content Strategy
A membership site wouldn’t be much of a membership site without good content. In this module of Tribe, Stu will teach you:
How to create a year’s worth of content in less than a week
The two types of must have content every membership needs
The #1 reason people cancel their membership
Just those first and third bullet points are enough to make me want to buy!

Module #3 – Your Marketing Strategy
The best membership site in the world is pretty useless unless you get paying members “in the door.” That’s what this module will teach you to do, including,
Open vs. Closed marketing plans (which is better.)
7 pricing strategies
A proven 3-part launch process
How to position your membership as a “must have” resource
Evergreen campaigns
Wait list promotions
I’m sure this module will cover the tactics Stu used to 6x the size of Michael Hyatt’s membership site as well as other awesome tactics!

Module #4 – Your Retention Strategy
This is one of the BIGGEST challenges I’ve seen with membership to retain the members your marketing strategy brings in!
In this module of Tribe, Stu will teach you,
The real reasons people stay
How to increase the lifetime value of your members
The 7 actions you want every member taking to ensure their happiness
Membership guidelines and rules
How to use gamification to increase engagement
There is a TON more in this module, and it’s one that I’m particularly excited to go through!

Module #5 – Your Growth Strategy
If you’re not going forward, you’re going backward. In this module, Stu will show you how to have a plan in place to ensure that you’re moving forward and growing!
You’ll learn,
The 4 growth stages of your membership
The critical numbers you need to know to scale
How to attract highly engaged volunteers
The roles you should look to hire for – and when to hire them
This module is all about sustainability and making sure that your membership site doesn’t rule your life – after all, you’re interested in Tribe and membership sites to scale your business, not handcuff yourself to it!


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