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Write Your Ebook In 7 Days by Jose Rosado — Free download


The Simplest Way To Put Your Knowledge In Writing And Profit.

Social Media Sucks.

But also:

– Your post about your powerful life-changing (or meme) event went viral.

– Your friend told you to write an ebook about it.

– You added it on pre-order on @Gumroad.

– Profit! Get thousands of dollars in pre-orders.

– Freedom!

Have you ever looked at a blank page for hours?

I have. But not anymore.

So I know exactly how it feels.

The thought of writing a book, even an ebook, seems like an impossible task.

But, here’s the thing.

You can write your ebook by following a system.

You also want to write an ebook, because:

– You want to spread your knowledge to others…

– You want to instantly seem like an expert in your niche…

– You want a lead magnet to build up a massive email list…

Live A Truly Great Life By Selling Your Knowledge And Skills

For months, or even years you’ve tried to write your first ebook.

Overcomplicating kills creativity.

You already have everything it takes.

You’ve got the skill.

You’ve got the talent.

You’ve got the intelligence.

You have a story to tell.

But you don’t know where to start.

“This course made me feel amazing it gave me so much self belief. Honestly I think it was you. The course was great. Your attitude and belief in me gave me the belief I needed to get new ideas for an ebook. Thank you truly. I look forward to your future courses.” – Sidney Ndungu

Turn Your Skills Into Passive Money-Making Machines

Sell your knowledge.

And there’s no better and more straightforward way to do this than writing and selling an ebook.

There are 10,000,000,000 (10 billion) people in the World.

You only need to appeal and sell to 0.00001% to make it big.

That’s 1000 people if you’re not into math.

Get those 1000 hardcore fans that will buy EVERYTHING you sell.

And the fastest way to get these hungry fans is by showing off your chops with an Ebook.

This Course Will Teach You:

– How to find the perfect topic for your ebook that will captivate your audience

– The ideal length (hint: it’s shorter than you think) for your ebook

– Fast and simple ways to design an absolutely eyegasmic book cover

– The one and only platform you need to sell your ebooks (hint: It’s not Amazon)

– How to make a sale BEFORE you even start writing.

– Crafting a high converting sales page (honestly, this information is worth the price)

– The simple way to promote your ebook without spending on ads.

But that’s just the stuff that will get you started writing.

How do we make that sweet moolah with our newfound ebook?

I can’t just leave you hanging there can I?

Because now the real work starts.


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