Ecommerce Scaling Secrets by Alex Fedotoff


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Alex Fedotoff – Ecommerce Scaling Secrets — Free download


Finally Scale Your eCommerce Business To 7-Figures

Get hands-on help and access to the community of world’s top eCom & FB ads experts to help you FINALLY break 6 or even 7-figures in your business PROFITABLY

What is the eCommerce Scaling Secrets Mentorship Program?

eCommerce Scaling Secrets designed to fill the gaps in your knowledge and understanding of Facebook ads, eCommerce and drop shipping to deliver transformational results.

As intermediate-advanced dropshipper/ eCommerce entrepreneur, you know 95% of things. That’s what got you where you are. My goal is to give you the outstanding 5%, then optimize and scale your business to the moon.

We provide you the winning products on a weekly basis, 2 coaching calls with other 6-7 figure students and 24/7 support. On top of that, top notch Facebook ads and Pinterest ads training, templates, swipe files and community of best eCommerce entrepreneurs in the industry.

The goal is to give you the ability to see any store/ funnel as components (like Lego) that you can use to scale a 7-figure profit business.

What You Will Learn

  • How to select a proven product with 7-figure potential to build your brand around
  • How to use Instagram influencers to source you a ton of high-converting creative for your ads
  • How to test products using Facebook ads without wasting too much money on testing
  • How to prevent getting your account banned or disabled by Facebook 
  • How to get your products delivered from China in 5-9 days cheaper than Aliexpress and automate the fullfilment process (I’ll shoot you an introduction to my proven agents)
  • I’ll even give you 1 proven product AND funnel that you can sell right now (guaranteed to sell $500 -$1,000 a day minimum)
  • How to build your team ( templates/ best practices / structure and tools for communication)
  • High-level strategies for optimizing your ads and maximizing your ROI
  • I’m revealing my $2,105,312 product, store, ads, and SHARE with you the exact funnel template that made it successful

Who is eCommerce Scaling Secrets for?

  • You are intermediate – advanced online entrepreneur (social media marketing, funnels, Facebook ads, etc.)
  • You spent $2,000 – $10,000+ on Facebook (whether profitable or not)
  • You have the willingness to learn and follow the proven process
  • You have the attitude of taking action
  • You are coachable and fast implementator
  • You have Facebook ads skills and want to monetize them (working as an agency right now etc)
  • You’ve achieved some success with eCom/ drop shipping AND ready to scale it to the NEXT level


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