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[Free Download] Pia Silva – Badass Your Business Bootcamp

Here’s what’s included in the Badass Your Business Bootcamp:


Identify Your Badass Opportunity

  • Assess all the opportunities you don’t even know are available to you.
  • Narrow in on your MOST badass opportunity for focus.
  • How to maximize the time you spend doing what you love most
  • Find what makes you the most money (& how to ditch everything else)
  • Binge-worthy video lessons that makes implementation simple
  • Worksheets, Resources, and Checklists


Create Your Lead Product

  • Create a lead product that prospects are excited to buy
  • Never do free work again
  • How to offer your lead product so they buy in 15 minutes (or less)
  • Deliver your lead product for 100% close rate to your premium services
  • Binge-worthy video lessons that makes implementation simple
  • Worksheets, Resources, and Checklists


Productize Your Services

  • Create irresistible productized services for your ideal clientele
  • Price your productized services so they are highly profitable
  • Get paid for said projects based on value, not time
  • Demonstrate your expertise & get hired for what you do BEST
  • Only take on projects you are excited and enthusiastic about
  • Learn how to make your services more profitable over time
  • Never risk scope creep or get stuck with a difficult client again
  • Binge-worthy video lessons that makes implementation simple
  • Worksheets, Resources, and Checklists


Badass Your Message

  • Turn your network into an organic marketing machine
  • Craft your message so that it is noticeable, memorable and shareable
  • Convey your services so prospects get it and want to hear more
  • Use your lead product to turn cold intros into clients in 60 seconds
  • Communicate why you’re different with clarity & confidence
  • Write your tagline & website copy (that people will actually read)
  • Stop people in their tracks, eager to hear more about your business
  • Turn cold audiences into clients in 60 seconds with an Oscar-Worthy Pitch to be deployed one-on-one or in front of large groups
  • Binge-worthy video lessons that makes implementation simple
  • Worksheets, Resources, and Checklists

The Badass Your Business Bootcamp is the ONLY plan you need to scale your freedom.
During the program you will learn:

  • How to SHOW OFF your unique value and why you are so badass, so others see it.
  • How to MAGNETICALLY ATTRACT only ideal clients and repel the bad ones.
  • How to RAISE PRICES continually, and forever.
  • How to NEVER DO FREE WORK, custom proposals or chase payments ever again.
  • How to GROW YOUR PROFITS without working more hours
  • How to FREE UP TIME to travel, be with friends & family or even work on your business!
  • How to CHOOSE CLIENTS you want to work with & pass on the ones you don’t.
  • How to LOVE WHAT YOU DO again, by replacing the struggle with a streamlined plan.

The Badass Your Business Bootcamp teaches the specific steps to create more profit & freedom in your Creative Business.


  • Find your Badass opportunity that only YOU have to offer for the most profit to achieve freedom in your life.
  • How to never do free work again and instead get paid to pitch your service.
  • How to poductize your services to eliminate your income ceiling and sell basd on value instead of price
  • How to get all prospects to highly value your time
  • How to never waste time with unqualified prospects, or fruitless coffee meetups, again.
  • The KEY to being able to continually raise your prices.
  • How to streamline and strengthen your process and offerings to save time, money and headache.
  • How to eliminate scope creep, and stop projects from ever going off the rails again and have happier clients in the process.
  • How to get hired to do what you do BEST (instead of what clients think they need)
  • Every project is a case study you can be proud of.
  • How to communicate your Badass Message with clarity and confidence.
  • How to infuse your tag line, website copy, and networking pitch with your unique value.
  • How to write website copy that people will actually read.
  • How to craft your own drool-worthy message that is highly noticeable, memorable and shareable.
  • How to have prospecs knocking down your door instead of making them work hard to figure out if they should hire you.


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